Yogi Tunes: Giving Back Yoga, By Giving Away Music

Yogi Tunes is sending out a call to the yoga community to join our mission of bringing yoga to the underserved, by doing what they do best.  Sharing music.

Now, yogis and music lovers can sign up for the Give Back Yoga Foundation’s monthly newsletter through the Yogi Tunes site and receive a free music download as a thank-you for joining the mission. We’re grateful for this opportunity to reach many new friends with our message of yoga service, healing and grassroots social change – and we hope you’ll be one of them! Visit Yogi Tunes to sign up for our newsletters and get a free album download.

Yogi Tunes is also re-igniting their “Music With a Cause” program to help Give Back Yoga share the transformative practice of yoga with those in prison. To join Yogi Tunes in giving men and women behind bars a chance to build a better life, check out Anahata Yoga Dub by Desert Dwellers, an album of heart-warming grooves and spacious ambient tracks that’s a perfect accompaniment for your own practice. Just enter giveback at checkout to save 10% on the album and donate 50% of the proceeds towards our work of bringing free Prison Yoga Project books with incarcerated men and women. Shop now and put a free practice guide in the hands of a prisoner.

Why Yogi Tunes gives back:

“For us, music is a gift meant to be given.  A soundtrack of the soul that flows as freely as a river, winding through our hearts and blessing our lives at every turn.  As artists we learn to receive this gift by listening deeply to what is within us and what is all around us – the current of life in it’s infinite wisdom and grace.  Each of us here at YogiTunes has experienced the deeply healing powers of music, given to us as freely as taking a deep inhale.  So it’s with joy in our hearts that we find ways to be of service to others in offering the gift back, just like the exhale.

Our Music with a Cause program seeks out organizations like Give Back Yoga who are doing amazingly positive work in the world through the power of yoga.  We love nothing more than to help amplify that by providing a soundtrack that people can get behind, knowing that their contributions go towards creating real change in a world that needs to awaken and transform.”

– Alex King-Harris (aka Rara Avis), Founder/CEO Yogi Tunes

Free music, for a cause: share this offer with your friends via email and social media to help us bring yoga to those in need of healing.