Best Practices For Yoga in Schools: New White Book From the Yoga Service Council Now Available

Rob-Schware president of the Yoga Service Council

We are tremendously excited for the first Yoga Service White Book, “Best Practices for Yoga in Schools,” published by the Yoga Service Council (YSC) and Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. A collaboration of 27 of the nation’s leaders on yoga in schools, the book is now available on Amazon in both print and electronic formats.

The second Yoga Service White Book, forthcoming, will address yoga for veterans; and the third will focus on yoga in the criminal justice system.

Individually and as a whole, the white book series will support progress on our shared goal; helping to mainstream the practices of yoga and mindfulness in school systems, veterans’ facilities, prisons, and other social institutions.

-Rob Schware, GBYF Executive Director and  Yoga Service Council President

Best Practices for Yoga in Schools

Best Practices For Yoga In Schools. Cover Page

Best Practices for Yoga in Schools is a guide for yoga teachers, classroom teachers, school administrators, social workers, and anyone else interested in bringing yoga to children safely, and in a just and inclusive way.

By outlining suggestions and considerations across a wide variety of topics, this book will help you effectively and sustainably offer high-quality yoga programming for all children.

Based on the collective wisdom and experience of 23 contributors and four reviewers, this Best Practices Guide will support your capacity to implement meaningful school-based yoga programs, with the potential to transform the educational environment and help students thrive in a wide variety of situations.

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A lot of very bright and experienced teachers, researchers, and clinicians gathered together and worked long and hard to create this well-documented publication. For anyone who dreams to include the powerfully beneficial practices of yoga—such as movement, conscious breathing, and meditation—into any school curriculum, Best Practices for Yoga in Schools is an incomparable resource.

To be effective and supported by the entire community, yoga must be introduced progressively and safely by well-trained teachers. When offered in this manner, yoga can be a powerful aid in helping students of all ages gain and maintain physical, psychological, and mental fitness, and manage stress. This book details how that can be accomplished.

—Beryl Bender Birch, cofounder of The Give Back Yoga Foundation

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