Yoga for the Head, Nose, Mouth, Neck, and Body: A Yogic Regimen that Targets the Specific Disease Mechanisms and Psychological Stress of COVID-19

with Eddie Stern and William Bushell, PhD

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About this presentation

This class will demonstrate a sequence of yoga postures, breathing practices, and mudras that address the specific pathways that the COVID-19 virus attacks. The focus is on mechanisms of the head, nose, mouth, face, eyes, neck, and important structures in these organs that are designed to prevent and protect from invading pathogens and strengthen the release of endogenous, protective substances and other closely related factors. The sequence is an accessible, simple, but unique protocol that Dr. William Bushell and Eddie Stern have been developing in a series of research papers since the pandemic began. This is an experiential class in which you can explore a set of yogic practices that may be relevant for Long Covid recovery.

About Eddie Stern

Eddie Stern is a yoga instructor, author, and researcher from NYC. He has written yoga protocols for published scientific research studies, and public education health and wellness curriculums that have been used in over 150 schools across the United States for both students and educators. He serves on the boards of several non-profits including LIFE Camp, Urban Yogis, and Black Yoga Teachers Alliance, and is the co-creator of the International Yoga and Science Conference with Dr. Marshall Hagins.

About William Bushell, PhD

William Bushell, PhD, is a biophysical/medical anthropologist and has been researching the health enhancing effects of yoga, meditation, and behavioral health practices for decades. His research has explored how these practices enhance the immune system, with a particular focus on infectious disease. During this time he has collaborated with leading figures in immunology, psychoneuroimmunology, and nonwestern cultures, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Nobel Prize winning scientists. He was an affiliate researcher at MIT for 26 years, and presently serves as a research director at the Whole Health Institute. He recently co-authored a paper with a team from Harvard, UCSD, and several other leading universities, which sets forth a groundbreaking framework based on decades of cross-disciplinary research for yoga as an adjunct treatment for COVID-19. He and his collaborators are continuing to further develop this model.

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