Vets Endorse GBYF’s Yoga For Veterans Programs

We’re honored to have the endorsement of vets who have benefitted from the practices shared through Give Back Yoga Foundation’s programs for veterans.


Download the fact sheet: Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans – Program Overview & Testimonials


“I have used many of the yoga exercise and breathing techniques being taught by Give Back Yoga Foundation personally and with soldiers, veteran patients and civilians for over 30 years. I have found these techniques helpful for patients with substance abuse, combat stress, PTSD and other mental health problems. I heartily and enthusiastically endorse the efforts of the Give Back Yoga Foundation to assist veterans to heal from combat and stress related problems.”

Guy C. Lamunyon RN
Combat Medic – 101st Airborne Division Vietnam
ARMY Psych Mental Health Nurse.
Lieutenant Colonel, Retired.
VA Mental Health Nurse, Retired.