Veterans Find Peace with iRest Yoga Nidra

We were thrilled to receive this feedback from volunteer instructor Michelle Minyon, who leads iRest Yoga Nidra classes for homeless veterans at Veteran’s Place of Washington Boulevard in Monroeville, PA:


I am so excited to have received the iRest Yoga Nidra & Breathing cd’s in the mail!  Thank you so much on behalf of this work!

At Veteran’s Place of Washington Boulevard there are currently 45 residents in temporary housing and many others who come into the daytime program for rest, food, and resources, who are living on the streets or shelters.

During the first seven-week, twice weekly, iRest Yoga Nidra program series there were five regular participants that attended every iRest evening class as well as some during the daytime.  Each person is very engaged in their practice…this number is actually very good when looked at in the context of the ‘dis-engaged’ activity, in the majority of residents.  

It is wonderful to have the CDs to give out to the regular participants who can then take the practice more into their own hands…it takes it one step closer to use in one’s life – and that is what these guys are asking for, how to carry this practice into their lives.

Here are participants’ comments from the first series at Veteran’s Place, on feedback sheets:

~ “I came here wanting to change something about myself and it didn’t change.  Seeing that it didn’t have to change, something changed.”

~ “I experience a profound sense of peace while practicing iRest.” –  Kenneth Herbold USAF Veteran

~ “Great training, helps me relax.” –  Mike Lumberger ARMY Veteran

~ “It really helps me with my PTSD and all issues regarding ego,drugs,alcohol.” –  Jason Thigpen USMC Veteran

~ I came into class angry at a friend.  Before class I wanted to call them up and yell at them.  I don’t feel that way anymore.”


We also got this feedback on the iRest Yoga Nidra program from a VA professional:

“I can testify to this program. The exercise were of personal help, and now I will again introduce it as a form of relaxation and sleep enhancement to my Veterans diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and chronic pain. Thanks a million.”

– Dorrett, RN, Fmr. CPT USAR