“Untangle” podcast interview with Prison Yoga Project founder James Fox

Gaiam’s Untangle meditation podcast features real people with extraordinary stories, and experts who have devoted their lives to teaching and helping others through meditation. In this episode, host Patricia Karpas sat down to talk with Prison Yoga Project founder and director James Fox.

Prison Yoga Project was founded in the belief that yoga and mindfulness can bring about change in prisoners who have been impacted by chronic trauma for most of their lives. James’s work has taken him inside San Quentin State Prison, where he’s taught some of their most violent offenders. Here’s his story.


“They buzzed me right out onto the yard. I had another 25 feet to go until I went to the classroom. The gate clicks, the buzzer buzzes, the gate clicks open, I walk out into the yard. I’ve got my yoga mat under my arm…”

“I said, this is your opportunity to leave prison for the next hour and a half that we’re together. This is out of bounds from the rest of the prison. You don’t have to deal with prison politics. We’re here to practice together.




Donate to Prison Yoga Project to help fund free practice guides for prisoners. Or find a Prison Yoga Project training near you, and get involved in sharing the transformational tools of yoga and mindfulness with men and women behind bars.