“Untangle” podcast interview with Y12SR founder Nikki Myers

Gaiam’s Untangle meditation podcast features real people with extraordinary stories, and experts who have devoted their lives to teaching and helping others through meditation. In this episode, host Patricia Karpas sat down to talk with the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery program (Y12SR) founder and director Nikki Myers.

Y12SR was founded in the belief that yoga and the 12-step program share many points of intersection, and together, can support recovery in people who have been impacted by addiction and chronic trauma. Nikki’s journey has driven her to discover the significance of mind, body and community in overcoming addiction.

Here’s her story.


“Using alcohol and drugs works for a minute… it works. It’s simply not sustainable over time.”

“The 12 step program says that “Stinkin Thinkin” is the root of our problems. The yogis are saying the same thing, that there’s this basis to the root of suffering. The idea that I’m addicted to the way I process my reality.”

“At some point you will not regret your past. Nor will you want to shut the door on it. We teach the journey of reintegration. There is no part of myself that is bad, awful or wrong.”





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