When you come to your yoga mat, you feel the power in a hundred different ways. Clarity, peace, calmness, energy, connection… and the list goes on.

Help spread this healing power to others through our Power of a Yoga Mat campaign.

A yoga mat gives someone who lives in a 6′ x 8′ prison cell space to breathe and move, and find the strength to walk away from fighting. It offers a safe space to finally sleep for someone who is on high alert for the next missile attack. And a yoga mat may be the only place someone recovering from addiction is free from cravings.

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“The first time I got on the mat, I got very emotional, and I knew that’s what I needed… to open up and relieve some of that energy that I had been walking around with for the last thirty years.”

M.R., Air Force Veteran, Mindful Yoga Therapy

“My recovery was jumpstarted and true sobriety began for me there on a yoga mat. My life is completely different today and for that I am truly grateful.”

Nikki B., Former patient at Sante Center for Healing, Y12SR

The Impact So Far

To date, we’ve supplied over 25,000 mats to community yoga programs in 50 U.S. states and 10 countries.

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U.S. states

Thanks to our partnership with lululemon and Gaiam, and the generous support of people like you, we have distributed yoga mats to 1,000+ organizations that bring yoga to individuals facing illness and hardship through our Mat Program.

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Help us empower more people with the life-changing gift of yoga.

Just $25 can provide a yoga mat to someone facing unthinkable challenges — such as a cancer diagnosis, homelessness, or the loss of a loved one to suicide.

“Thank you so much for the mats we were able to gift to kids at a teen grief camp! One girl stood up and taught the whole group tree pose, and another brought her stuffed animal on the mat to practice with her. Everyone felt supported and we could not have held the class without your support!”

Jill Ippolito, Founder and Director of Uprising Yoga, Mat Recipient

“I started a yoga class in the town close to me after a series of horrific gun related suicides or accidents involving our young people. Since we received the gift of your mats, yoga has helped so many. One girl came just after her mother-in-law died by suicide. She showed up to her mat with tears, but she came to her safe place. This is the power of yoga.”

Alecia Helmes, School Psychologist and Mat Recipient

“This gift [of yoga mats] allowed me to tear down one of the barriers facing the deaf community when it comes to finding accessible yoga.”

Beatrice Bachleda, Deaf Yoga Instructor and Mat Recipient

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Why your support matters

As I heard from one client in the past week, “Being in that class was the most solid and real I have felt in a long time.” I am proud to say that these mats are like magic carpets for severely traumatized and dissociative students and clients, along with those struggling to support themselves and/or loved ones through cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, sexual abuse, hip replacements, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease, to name just a few… allowing them to make it each step of the way with a little more support, safety, and self-love.”

Alia Fern, Mat Recipient, Bhakti Earth Yoga

“In prison, you can’t avoid verbal aggression… with a peer group surrounding you, you do have to be aggressive. That changes over time, with yoga. You learn to be diplomatic, to walk away, to avoid that energy… to let go of judgment, and just be at peace in the moment. And it’s carried over in my life.”

Former Inmate, Prison Yoga Project Student

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