By Christine Moore

Stilling the Mind Through Movement

I love to move, and I love when my mind is stilled by moving. At a very young age, I began to dance. Yoga became part of my dance and, in recent years, has merged to front and center in my life. Little did I know that taking a Yoga Teacher Training to enhance my dance instruction would alter my life purpose and lead me to my dharma.

When I began practicing, I (like many people) thought yoga was simply asana, the physical postures. At the time of my training, my son was on tour in Afghanistan. I was doing my best not to stress and worry, but my fears for him made it difficult to concentrate and focus. Yoga and meditation gifted me an ability to stay in the present moment. They helped me still the stories my mind created each time he was out of contact for days. I found the true meaning of “being present” within a situation when my monkey mind could prove harmful to my health. I was able to calm my maternal, stormy, chaotic fears, and find a sense of peace within.

My Call To Service: Yoga for Veterans

During my Yoga Teacher Training, I was offered an article on yoga for veterans. As I read the article, I had a very visceral reaction; my heartbeat quickened and my skin became covered in goosebumps. I felt called to action.

Thanks to Google, I discovered that the Denver VA hospital was in need of teachers. Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed into the “military family” as a veteran’s mother. Enlivened by the gift of sharing this transformative practice with people who were challenged just to get to the mat, my call to yoga service was birthed.

Unity Through Yoga

Since then, I have worked with a variety of students, not only veterans. I have taught yoga to inmates in Boulder County Jail and offered Adaptive Yoga in a group home to people in wheelchairs. I have offered countless private sessions to people who are dealing with mental, physical, and emotional challenges.

Nothing compares to being able to give my time and share space with others in this sacred practice. The lines between us soften as yoga unites us all, and we find the presence of our shared humanity. Through yoga, I have developed a deeper sense of gratitude—for this body, for this life, and for every student I meet and share this practice with.

Hope in Difficult Times

My work with Give Back Yoga’s Mat Program these past few years is another piece of this amazing journey for me. I am blessed to read the inspiring stories of other people’s call to yoga service, giving back, seva. This work and these stories lift my spirits. They give me hope in a time that sometimes seems frightful.

I am currently teaching yoga in my new hometown of Palisade, Colorado. I lead trainings in Trauma Sensitive Yoga to yoga teachers and offer private yoga retreats to individuals. My greatest wish is to help to reveal what’s already tucked away inside each and every one of us. As Glenda in the Wizard of Oz said, “You’ve always had the power, my dear. You’ve had it all along.”

About Christine Moore
Christine Moore is a yoga teacher, C-IAYT yoga therapist, dance teacher, writer, and Mat Grants Coordinator for the Give Back Yoga Foundation. Christine draws endless inspiration from her dance and yoga students, who teach her how to move through life with more appreciation, grace, and joy. Connect with Christine to find out more about her yoga and dance journey, as well as information about classes, private lessons, and workshops.

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