BK Bose on How Yoga Can Stop The School-To-Prison Pipeline

Executive Director Rob Schware talks with Niroga Institute founder BK Bose for The Huffington Post on how teaching inner city students Transformative Life Skills – mindful yoga, breathing techniques and meditation – can help them to break the cycle of stress, lack of self-control and academic failure.

“We see instances of transformation every day in our direct service programs in the community. When a young man is able to let down his armor of hyper-vigilance, when a young woman in a homeless shelter says that her constant emotional pain is eased through the practice, when opposing gang members are able to close their eyes and relax beside each other at the end of a practice session, when a high-risk teen graduates from an alternative high school and joins our teacher training program so that she can help pull her friends out of the quicksand of hopelessness, we consider these victories bread for our journey.”

– BK Bose, Niroga Institute founder

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Bob Altman on Bringing Yoga to Youths in Need

Litigation attorney Bob Altman founded his practice with the goal of helping others – and while his 35-year career in law may be winding down, his second calling of bringing yoga to abused, homeless and underserved youths is just ramping up. In this interview for The Huffington Post Blog, Executive Director Rob Schware learns how Altman’s new yoga service initiative, Grounded for Good, is making a difference in the lives of young people.

“One day (we) met with the Covenant House staff to see how they thought the program was doing. One of the administrators said, ‘We want you to know that what you are doing is really changing our kids. We view this as much more than just an activity our youths are participating in.’”

– Bob Altman, co-founder of Grounded for Good and member of the Georgia Governor’s Office for Children and Families Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Task Force

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