Locally Grown Community Supports Give Back Yoga Foundation

Join Give Back Yoga Foundation for a locally grown community fundraising event in our hometown of Boulder, CO on Monday June 22, 2015 5pm-9pm at The Kitchen Next Door.  Denver friends, you can also support Give Back Yoga at the Kitchen Next Door Union Station — same date and times!

The Kitchen Next Door is generously donating 50% of each meal purchased during these hours to Give Back Yoga. Patrons simply let their server know they are there to support Give Back Yoga, and 50% of their bill will be donated to the programs of Give Back Yoga. Our goal is to raise $2,000 for our programs. If you are in the Boulder area, please join us in for an evening of delicious food and inspiring community!

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Boulder-based Give Back Yoga corporate partners Ramblin Jackson and Outlaw Yoga are joining forces with Give Back Yoga to make this community gathering a success. Through local partnerships such as these, Give Back Yoga has been able to grow by leaps and bounds over the past several years. Together, we can leverage resources and creating community collaborations. It takes a village to mobilize a yoga service movement…and we hope you’ll join our tribe! 

Ramblin Jackson is a web marketing + video production company based in Boulder, CO. They love helping small businesses get found online through SEO, Website Design, Video Production, and more. Not only did they donate the production of our promotional video, but also provided SEO support in the creation of an updated website, launching soon. View the video Ramblin Jackson created for Give Back Yoga.

Outlaw Yoga believes in making yoga available to all, and accessible for all. To hear more about Outlaw Yoga’s vision of yoga service, stop by our YouTube channel to watch a video interview with Outlaw co-founder Justin Kaliszewski and GBYF Executive Director Rob Schware.

Discover Yoga For Eating Disorders With Chelsea Roff & Off The Mat Colorado

At age 15, Chelsea Roff nearly lost her life to anorexia. Medical and mental health interventions saved her life, but it was discovering a yoga practice that helped Chelsea to make a full recovery and progress from “surviving” to “thriving.” Today, Chelsea is a nationally-recognized author, speaker and the founder of Yoga for Eating Disorders®, a program that’s being introduced to treatment clinics and yoga studios nationwide. Learn more about Chelsea’s story in the campaign video that launched Yoga for Eating Disorders®.

This February, Give Back Yoga Foundation and Off The Mat Colorado invite you to discover Yoga for Eating Disorders® through two weekend trainings in Denver and Boulder. These 15-hour trainings offer individuals practical, yoga-inspired tools to overcome eating disorders or body image issues at all ends of the spectrum. They also give yoga teachers and mental health practitioners the knowledge and skills they need to support students and clients in recovery. Graduates will be eligible to receive Continuing Education Credits through Yoga Alliance, and to become facilitators for Yoga for Eating Disorder® programs.

Training Schedule

Yoga, A Game-Changer in Eating Disorders – Friday, 6pm-8pm: 
Opening circle and group discussion about the role yoga can play in healing food and body image issues at all ends of the spectrum.

Coming Home to the Body – Saturday, 12pm-1:30pm, 2:30pm-6pm
Learn how to use yoga to develop a healthier relationship with your body through yogic techniques for tracking hunger and fullness signals, coping with emotions, and cultivating a sense of “home” in your own skin. Includes asana session, group discussion, interactive exercises, and meditation.

The Double Edged Sword – Sunday, 12pm-1:30pm, 2:30pm-6pm: 
Despite the tremendous value yoga can offer in the recovery process, yoga can be a double-edged sword for people with eating disorders. On one hand, the practice can teach essential skills for long-term recovery, but the wrong approach to yoga can actually exacerbate food and body image issues. Learn how to use the practice of yoga for health and wellbeing, rather than as a crutch for acting out in their eating disorder. Includes asana session, group discussion, interactive exercises, and meditation.


Trainings are capped to maintain the personal and intimate setting required for this deep work. Both trainings are expected to sell out, so please register as soon as possible. Several scholarships are available – for more details, please contact Chelsea Roff.

Yoga for Eating Disorders: Boulder

Friday, February 21st – Sunday, February 23rd
Neurosculpting Institute
3055 47th Street
Boulder, CO 80301
Cost: $199
Register through Eventbrite:

Yoga for Eating Disorders: Denver

Friday, February 28th – Sunday, March 2nd
Samadhi Center for Yoga & Meditation
639 East 19th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203
Cost: $199
Register through Eventbrite:


Thanks to these sponsors for supporting Give Back Yoga Foundation and Off the Mat Colorado in bringing Yoga for Eating Disorders® to the Front Range:

Off the Mat, Into the Worldpart of the Engage Network | The Neurosculpting Institute | Samadhi Center for Yoga & Meditation | Yoga Pod | Yoga Loft Boulder| Colorado Athletic Club, Boulder | Radiance Power Yoga | Kira Grace | Outlaw Yoga | Breathe Studio | Kindness Yoga | Yama Yoga Village | Hanuman Festival | Mudra Yoga Studio | Karma Yoga Center


Can’t make it to the training, but want to support Yoga for Eating Disorders®? Make a life-saving donation to this project through our Donate Today page. For every $5,000 raised, we can bring Yoga for Eating Disorders® to one more treatment center and help individuals with eating disorders to discover their own true beauty.


Vets Helping Vets: GBYF Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Piglt

Give Back Yoga is excited to announce the launch of a crowd funding campaign on a new platform called Piglt. The campaign aims to raise $15,000 by December 31st, with the goal of sharing yoga toolkits with 2,000 veterans.

Piglt (pronounced “piglet”) is a disabled-veteran owned-and-operated business.  Piglt’s co-founder, Casey Wallace, served 5 years on active duty in the Air Force as an Acquisitions Officer. With the support of co-founder Vidya Chokkalingam, Casey offered hands-on assistance to further GBYF’s fundraising efforts, with the goal of making an impact on veterans and their families across the world.

Most of Casey’s classmates (USAFA ’05) are still on active duty, put in harm’s way every day. Through this fundraiser, Casey hopes to improve their access to the healing practices of yoga and meditation – proven through clinical research to be effective in helping trauma survivors to recover from the symptoms of PTSD.

“Give Back Yoga Foundation is bringing peace of mind and transforming human consciousness for thousands of veterans in the world,” says Casey. “Everyone at Piglt is honored to help spread the word to thousands more.”

Check out our campaign here!

Donor incentives:


The Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans toolkit features simple but effective yoga practices that were developed to help returning soldiers cope with post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and depression. When you purchase this multi-media guide for yourself or someone you know, you’ll gain a valuable tool for dealing with stress and support Give Back Yoga Foundation’s programs for veterans.

Join Us At The First Annual Seeds of Service Dinner

We cordially invite you to join the Give Back Yoga community on Wednesday, September 11th for our first annual Seeds of Service dinner, an evening of delicious farm-to-table cuisine that supports the distribution of our free Yoga For Veterans Toolkits.

These evidence-based, highly effective practice guides give returning soldiers a valuable resource to overcome post-traumatic stress, major depression and traumatic brain injuries, helping them to make a successful transition back to civilian life. So far, we’ve put free Toolkits in the hands of over 8,000 veterans – and by joining us at this community gathering, you can help us meet our goal of reaching 10,000 returning soldiers in 2013. Read what veterans have to say about the effectiveness of these Toolkits.

We’ll kick off the Seeds of Service event with cocktails and tapas at 6 pm at the lovely Lyons Farmette in Lyons, Colorado. At 7 pm, eat Private Chef & Catering Co. will serve up a mouth-watering artisan dinner, prepared with freshly harvested ingredients from the Farmette. We’ll also enjoy the musical stylings of Denver Chant Fest musician Chuck White, and hear a very special presentation by former Marine Corps Intelligence Officer and Military Olympic Athlete Sarah Plummer, the founder of the Just Roll With It! Bootcamp for Transitioning Warriors. A spiritual warrior after our own hearts, “Semper Sarah” is on a mission to empower all those who have experienced trauma or difficult life events.

Dinner tickets are available for just $108, with 85% of the proceeds going directly to support Yoga for Veterans. Tickets can be purchased online through Eventbrite through September 11th.

Can’t join us this time? Please consider supporting us from home with a donation that directly benefits this fundraising effort. Just visit our Eventbrite page and choose the amount that you would like to contribute.

And whether you can join us or not, don’t miss a chance to enjoy 30 free days of online yoga, meditation and wellness videos from event sponsor GaiamTV. When you subscribe through our affiliate link, GaiamTV will donate $20 to our Yoga For Veterans program. Begin your free trial with a special playlist selected by veterans for Give Back Yoga.

We thank you for being part of the Give Back Yoga family, and for making it possible for us to support programs around the country that bring yoga and mindfulness to those who need it the most. We look forward to sharing this inspiring evening with you!


Thanks to these Seeds of Service Sponsors:

Samadhi Center for Yoga :: Neurosculpting® Institute :: Yoga Pod :: Hanuman Presents ::eat :: Lyons Farmette :: Sarah Plummer :: Chuck White :: Organic India :: Outlaw Yoga :: 8 Days a Week :: MantraFest :: Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place :: Denver Chant Fest ::CorePower Yoga :: Boulder Body Wear :: White Wave Foods :: Yoga Download :: GaiamTV:: OmLight Photography :: Conscious Tribe :: BVSD CHOICE Program :: Ramblin Jackson ::CO Yoga Events :: Open Sky Event Marketing

Mark Stefanowski of Outlaw Yoga: Hear The Rumble Coming

Executive Director Rob Schware talks with Give Back Yoga supporter and Outlaw Yoga co-founder Mark Stefanowki for The Huffington Post Blog about his goal of bringing yoga to all people, “hardcore bikers and hard charging cyclists, gals and dudes, fighters and lovers, soldiers and tree huggers…everyone.”

“I was that guy who thought yoga was some kind of ‘hippy-dippy’ bullshit – that it was for bendy, thin, vegan women who wanted to chant and ‘Om’ all day long. I’m so grateful I found out that was wrong. As soon as I began the practice, I was hit by the power that lies in it. Yoga has an ability to change your entire life if you just open up to it….my mission became to share what I learned with people who had no idea what yoga can do.”

– Mark Stefanowski, co-founder of Outlaw Yoga, a Community Initiative partner with Give Back Yoga

Click here to read more of Mark’s thoughts on why it’s critical to be who you really are when teaching students, and why a seva commitment should be an integral part of the core business model for yoga professionals.

Outlaw Yoga donates a portion of the proceeds from any gear they sell or events they host to Give Back Yoga, in support of Yoga For Veterans and Prison Yoga programs. To support Outlaw Yoga, visit their website at