Vietnam Vet Joseph Dolock: Using Yoga To Move Forward Through PTSD

Joseph S. Dolock, Combat Infantry Platoon Leader who Served in Vietnam ‘68-69, recently told Give Back Yoga Foundation how yoga helped him find peace with his inner and outer life:

“Recently I saw an ad about a Yoga class being given for Veterans with PTSD. I called and signed up. What do I know about Yoga? I thought that it was a group of people who sat around drinking carrot juice and contemplating God knows what. However, I was trying to find a way to be calm and relaxed, without medication. So what the heck? I called and enrolled in the class.

It was the sixth week of class, I was not in good space and did not want to go. I was having a bad day with the family and some of those ugly heads of the past were popping up in my head. After awhile, I started to think about that safe place I had learned about in yoga and started to breathe. I calmed myself down enough where I could drive to class.

As one counselor told me a long time ago, “there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Your PTSD and depression will be with you forever.”

What I have to do is never stop going forward. Some days, some months will be really good and then at other times these ugly heads of thoughts, dreams, flashback will happen and there is nothing I can do and no meds I can take to stop or avoid it from happening. But one thing I have learned is that for me, yoga is another tool that helps me get through life when there is no light at the end of the tunnel. And I don’t have to drink the juice.”