Rob Schware for Yoga Teacher Magazine: From Inspiration to Effectiveness

In a special interview for Yoga Teacher Magazine, Executive Director Rob Schware talks with YTM editor Ivan Nahem about the roots of the Give Back Yoga Foundation, where the organization is headed, and how yoga service is transcending stereotypes and transforming lives.

“We already have a growing number of yoga outreach programs throughout this country. Why? Because in my experience at some point in a yoga teacher’s career, they want to give back the gift of yoga they have received. It can be within six weeks, six months or six years. Invariably they want to bring this type of program to settings outside a studio, to schools, homeless shelters, residential treatment programs for veterans, prisons, and refugee camps. That’s one of the reasons why Give Back Yoga got started, to help teachers develop projects that were sustainable and that could really effect change in their communities.”

– Executive Director Rob Schware, on the work of the Give Back Yoga Foundation

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