George Acire: Serving Survivors of Gender-Based Violence in Africa

Executive Director Rob Schware talks with Ugandan yoga teacher George Acire for The Huffington Post Blog to find out how the practice is helping community members who have been traumatized by war, and how teaching yoga can also be a learning journey.

“In yoga, during some poses, you realize that you have to stay still in one pose. You have to say, “Today I am here. Tomorrow I am there.” Some people want to force themselves to be somewhere else, but it takes a journey. In yoga, the most important thing is not the postures you’re going to do but the steps you’re going to take. It doesn’t matter where you’re going to go but where you are right then, and I think this can benefit the community a lot.”

– 20-year-old George Acire, who teaches yoga classes to war-affected community members at Mandala House in Gulu, Uganda

Click here to read more of George’s thoughts on the need for yoga in Uganda, and his advice for other new teachers who are following in his footsteps.


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