Amy Devi: How One Yoga Teacher Gives Back From Mat

Yoga teacher Amy Devi leads regular donation classes at Yoga Pod LoDo, one of our founding 108 Partner Studios, to support our shared mission of bringing yoga to the underserved. She also inspires her students to explore the joy of service themselves by teaching our “How Can I Serve?” training module as part of Yoga Pod’s Seva Teacher Training. For Amy, giving back is part of her daily life. We asked her to tell us what inspires her service, and how it’s shaped her personal and professional life.

For a long time, the idea of giving back and serving made me feel guilty, and like I had to pay for the privileges I’ve had during my life. Magically, connecting to myself with a committed yoga practice, I realized service was not about ME and instead was about WE.

When it hit me that service is about connection and being with others, I realized how much I actually enjoy giving back. Whether I’m serving someone who had the courage to show up at the Yoga studio for the first time, or I’m serving my neighbors by bringing in their trash can, service has become a way of being for me. My mantra when I’m working with my coaching and consulting clients is “Who/how can I serve?” AND sometimes service means letting someone do something nice for you.

The more I get to know Give Back Yoga and their team, the more inspired and connected I feel. I have had the honor of teaching two public donation classes for Give Back Yoga, and am always awed by the community who shows up at these events. I make sure all of my purchases are made through, and that a percentage goes to the Give Back Yoga Foundation.

I get to teach the How Can I Serve? module at Yoga Pod Yoga Teacher Trainings. My favorite part about it is watching the eyes of the new teachers light up when they too realize service isn’t about fixing things or guilt…it’s incredible how many ideas we come up with for how to serve. Actually most of us, in our dharma, in our natural most aligned state, are here to serve one another in one capacity or another. Whether it’s teaching free classes at a women’s safe house, or making delicious lattes, we all thrive when we serve one another.

— Amy Devi Harris, ERYT, MSS

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Introducing the new Give Back Yoga website

Give Back Yoga Foundation Website Launch

One small click for viewers, one giant leap for Give Back Yoga: introducing our new-and-improved website.

We’re proud to unveil the new – the product of a team of yogis and service-oriented partners who devoted more than a year to visioning, content development, program buildout, technical testing and feedback. The end result is a site that offers:

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  • A new Campaign section, where you can learn about special projects that are bringing yoga to those who can benefit most.
  • A new Trainings and Events page, so you can easily search for trainings or benefit events in your area.
  • Access to our new 108 Studio Partnership Program, which offers studios a framework for building community while supporting yoga service.
  • An enhanced Membership Program that shows gratitude to our monthly donors through Give Back Yoga gifts and resources.
  • A more streamlined way to apply for a supply grant, supported by our corporate partner Gaiam.
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Introducing: Our 108 Studio Partnership Program


Now, there’s a new way to give back from the mat: Give Back Yoga’s 108 Studio Partnership Program. We’re inviting studios across the country to join the Give Back family and raise funds for a service program of your choice, helping certified yoga teachers and yoga therapists to bring this healing mind/body practice to those who are most vulnerable.

How the 108 Studio Partnership Program Works

Over a one-year period, partner studios give back by hosting a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly fundraiser to help bring yoga to those who might not otherwise experience this transformational practice. This can be as simple as a donation class held on a specific day each month. Or it can be an exciting opportunity for your community to come together for special events such as a 108 Sun Salutations practice or a guest teacher, speaker or artist.

Our 108 partners also host a “Give Back Yoga Month” to jump-start the program and raise awareness for Give Back Yoga’s mission, sharing information during regularly scheduled classes and collecting donations at the front desk.

How Your Studio Can Make a Difference

With your help, Give Back Yoga can support our partner programs in expanding their reach, bringing therapeutic yoga to even more of the people we aim to serve. Through the 108 Partnership Program, studio communities can give wings to programs like:

  • Eat Breathe Thrive: Fostering positive body image and overcoming eating disorders.
  • Mindful Yoga Therapy: Helping veterans to find a calm and steady body/mind.
  • Prison Yoga Project: Teaching skills for non-violent problem resolution and healing.
  • Give Back Yoga: Supporting our operations to cover our largest areas of need.

 How the Program Benefits Studios

Becoming a 108 Studio Partner can help studios to build a close-knit community of the heart by gathering students around a common cause. It’s also a way to help students begin to explore and practice karma yoga, by giving back a gift that has touched each of their lives — the gift of a practice that can transform from the inside out.

The 108 Studio Partnership Program can also help studios to raise their online and local presence, as organizers work with community partners and Give Back Yoga to cross-promote events large and small through online and offline channels. Additionally, Give Back Yoga issues an end-of-year tax receipt to all active 108 Studio Partners, which may help your studio to offset expenses.

What 108 Studio Partners Are Saying About the Program

“It is important to extend the ancient teachings of yoga out beyond the space of yoga studios and into the world where it can reach the many people in need who may never walk through the doors of a yoga center. The time-tested benefits of a regular yoga practice are profound not just on the individual, but on all of society, essentially creating more peace for all.  At a time in human history when there is a tremendous amount of chaos, Give Back Yoga supports growth, healing and harmony for all of society.  I am happy and grateful to have my yoga studio community give back as a whole while benefitting on so many levels from the 108 Studio collaboration with Give Back Yoga Foundation.” — Annie Freedom, founder of Samadhi Center for Yoga, Denver, CO


Become a 108 Studio Partner or learn more: email to request information on getting started.


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