Homes of Hope India

Sylvia Jabaley & Kristin Cooper: How We Serve Girls in India

In the latest interview for our yoga service series on The Huffington Post, Executive Director Rob Schware talks with Sylvia Jabaley and Kristin Cooper about their work with Homes of Hope India. By bringing yoga to communities in India, the two women help to cultivate and maintain a “resilient spirit” among orphaned and abandoned girls.

“My assumptions about our goals were transformed by realization that when the girls become women, they will still encounter illness, poverty, and misogyny… Today, we are realizing the value of our work as the little girls we’ve known for years turn the corner to become empowered women in their own communities.” – Sylvia Jabaley, Program Coordinator for Homes of Hope India-US

To learn more about what continues to motivate Sylvia and Kristin’s work and their thoughts on the future of yoga service, read the full interview on The Huffington Post.


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