Suzula Bidon: 12-Step-Style Yoga for Addiction and Depression

Orange is the New Black, indeed: in a new installment for The Huffington Post Blog, Executive Director Rob Schware talks with Suzula Bidon, an Ivy League grad and third-year law student who served 30 months in prison for a conspiracy drug charge. An addict in recovery and a certified yoga teacher, Suzula offers twice-weekly yoga classes that embody the spiritual principles of 12-Step Recovery.

“I know what the hell of addiction feels like. I know the debilitating shame and hopelessness of disconnection. I know how overwhelming and impossible the prospect of recovery — hell, even just getting out of bed and facing the day without a chemical crutch — can be in active addiction. Fortunately, I have experienced the miracle of recovery….I now live a full, rich life that continues to fulfill and surpass my biggest hopes and dreams for myself. If it weren’t for the service and community of others in recovery, I wouldn’t have the life I have today.”

– Suzula Bidon, a certified yoga teacher who works with those recovering from addiction

Read more about Suzula’s story and the standout moments that inspire her yoga service in her full interview on The Huffington Post Blog.


Would you like to support addiction recovery through yoga and community?  Join Y12SR founder Nikki Myers in Boulder on Friday, March 21st for a weekend workshop on The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery.


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