Susan Reeves: Serving Cancer Patients and Survivors

Executive Director Rob Schware talks with Yoga Bridge co-founder Susan Reeves for The Huffington Post Blog about what inspired her to offer free yoga to cancer patients and survivors, and how the practice can be a powerful tool to help students heal the body and spirit.

“Students who first come to our class usually don’t know why they are there; they are just told that yoga will be good for them. Many times after just one class, a student will return and tell us a story of how yoga immediately came to her rescue. Terrified of an upcoming doctor appointment/first MRI/medical procedure, the student remembers the breathing practice that we did in class the week before, and puts it to use. To her surprise, it actually calms her nerves and gives her the inner strength to endure a difficult moment. Yoga works in simple, yet profound, ways.”

– Yoga Bridge co-founder Susan Reeves, on her work with cancer patients and survivors

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