Susan Barber: Serving Those in Uniform, And Their Spouses

Executive Director Rob Schware talks with wellness coach Susan Barber for The Huffington Post Blog to learn how yoga classes are helping service members and their spouses at a military base in Wiesbaden, Germany to find relief from stress and depression.

“Recently a solider shared with me that he had been suffering from serious depression and PTSD for six years. With tears in his eyes he said that yoga had become one of his only sources of relief..the response of these tough soldiers to yoga practice was overwhelming to me. It was and is a safe place for them to ‘let go.'”

– Susan Barber, on her work with service members from the Warrior Transition Unit in Wiesbaden, Germany

Click here to read more of Susan’s tips for teaching yoga to soldiers, and learning from mentors who are working with underserved populations.


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