Give the Gift of Yoga With Stillmotion: Buy a Mat, Give a Mat

Yoga mats matter. In your practice. To a teacher who wants to offer yoga to underserved communities. To a veteran re-entering civilian life. To someone battling an eating disorder.

Have you been waiting for the right time to upgrade your yoga mat? The time is here: through June 30th, when you purchase a Sequence STILLMOTION Yoga Mat, a matching mat will be donated to Give Back Yoga to help a certified teacher bring yoga to populations in need.

Why are we so excited about this campaign? For starters, it will help us to meet a growing demand for supply grants to help teachers “jumpstart” new classes for underserved members of their communities. Learn more about our grant recipients.

We’re also thrilled to be able to offer top-quality mats for therapeutic applications. Because STILLMOTION mats are engineered to support proper alignment in active poses and comfort in restorative poses, they are an excellent resource for students who are just discovering yoga as a tool to support recovery from trauma.

“The STILLMOTION yoga mat is great. I didn’t realize how slightly off my hands and feet were in poses until I used it. It’s a good thickness, and I think it is perfect for yogis wanting to ensure proper alignment and structural integration.”

– Rob Schware, Executive Director of Give Back Yoga Foundation

Will you help us to spread the word about this offer, and put mats in the hands of as many teachers as possible? To support this campaign, simply visit the Buy a Yoga Mat, Give a Yoga Mat landing page and order a mat during the month of June. We’ll work with Sequence to do the rest!


Help us to give the gift of yoga: buy a mat, give a mat.