Become a Sustaining Member: Join Our Monthly Donation Program

If you believe in what we’re doing, here’s one very powerful way to support our mission of sharing yoga and meditation with those in need: become a Sustaining Member of Give Back Yoga Foundation.

How does it work? Simple: just visit our Donate Today page and make a contribution using the “monthly donation” option. This will create a recurring payment profile through PayPal, which will automatically bill you for the same contribution amount once a month going forward. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law, and you’ll receive a letter at the end of each year acknowledging your total contribution.

What it is: a simple way to give back. For just $15 a month – the cost of one yoga class – you can share yoga resources with someone in need, making a direct difference in their lives. Through the collective power of many small contributions, we can grow a grassroots movement of social change and healing. We hope that you’ll be a part of it!

What it isn’t: a contract. Your recurring donation profile is managed through PayPal. If your situation changes, you can choose to suspend your monthly contribution or change the amount of your donation, so that you’re always giving back in a way that’s right for you. Just drop us a line at

Are you passionate about a specific program? We invite you to route your donation directly to that work. You can help us to bring yoga to veterans, individuals with eating disorders, prisoners or at-risk youth.

Or make a general donation, and we’ll put your contribution to work where it’s needed most. To learn more about our program goals and how we use general and specific contributions, visit our Donate Today page.

Will you join Give Back Yoga Foundation as a Sustaining Member? Together, we can share the transformational benefits of yoga and mindfulness with the world…one person at a time.