Ravi Singh: How We Serve Runaway Youth

Photo Credit: Michael Gill

Driven by a desire to inspire people and raise consciousness, Ravi Singh has spent the past four decades offering his services to populations in need. In the latest interview for our yoga service series on The Huffington Post, Executive Director Rob Schware learns more about what motivates Ravi to continue his work, as well as the tangible results that he has seen from doing so.

“Most people don’t realize that they have a say in the matter of what becomes of them. When I work with people who exist in the most intolerable circumstances, it becomes obvious that the “lowest” rung also contains the potential for the highest. The only way to truly understand life as we know it is to start with the understanding that everything does contain its opposite.”       – Ravi Singh

To read more about Ravi’s work with populations in need and his thoughts on the future of yoga service, read his full interview on The Huffington Post Blog.


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