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Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans

Healing for Veterans: The Role of Yoga Therapy for PTSD.

Over two million American service members were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, one in three is coping with PTSD, traumatic brain injury or another stress-related disorder. Some could lose their silent battle: nationwide, veterans account for one out of five suicides. And countless other veterans are coping with stress and chronic pain from non-combat injuries.

Give Back Yoga is committed to supporting these warriors and their families through Mindful Yoga Therapy, a program designed to help vets find a calm and steady body and mind through the practice of yoga, meditation, breath work, yoga nidra and meditation. Each practice is a tool that veterans can use to cope with post-traumatic stress, and together they form a comprehensive system — a “toolbox” — that can help warriors transition into a life of strength and resilience.

About MYT

Clinically proven cases of healing PTSD through a specialized program of yoga therapy.

Mindful Yoga Therapy is a pioneer in the field of yoga therapy as a complementary alternative treatment for veterans with PTSD, used in conjunction with psychotherapy. Program founder Suzanne Manafort has worked with veterans in a clinical setting for eight years, shaping the Mindful Yoga Therapy “toolbox” with the direct input of vets who found relief through these practices. Mindful Yoga Therapy programs or resources are now offered at 47 different VA facilities across the country.

Free Resources for Vets

Mindful Yoga Therapy Practice Guide is available at no cost for Veterans and Service Members.

Among other free resources for veterans, Mindful Yoga Therapy offers a comprehensive introduction to a simple but effective yoga practice through their practice guide. This multi-media resource developed with the feedback of veterans includes a book, a poster with a visual guide for poses, and access to two audio resources featuring meditation and Yoga Nidra – “Breathe In, Breathe Out,” and “Deep Relaxation.”

Intensives & Trainings

Learn how to support veterans in your community through MYT’s 15 or 100 hour trainings

Mindful Yoga Therapy is an empirically informed, clinically tested program comprised of five practices: Pranayama (breathing), Asana (postures connected with breath), Yoga Nidra, Meditation, and Gratitude. Each practice is a tool Veterans can use to cope with Post Traumatic Stress, and together, they form a comprehensive system – a toolbox – that will carry Veterans into a life of strength and resilience. MYT offers a range of trainings, from one-day intensives to a comprehensive 100-Hour Certification.

Donate to Mindful Yoga Therapy

Our Goal: To help as many returning warriors as possible to embark on their healing journey and experience post-traumatic growth, Give Back Yoga is working to bring the Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans multi-media practice guide to 30,000 veterans, active duty service members and military families completely free of charge.

Your donation counts

$25: One “toolkit” for a veteran
$100: “Toolkits” for four veterans
$400: One 15-hour training for a vet
$1,000: A 100-hour training scholarship for a vet
$1,500: Partial scholarship for a vet to become a certified yoga teacher
$3,500: Full scholarship for a vet to become a certified yoga teacher

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