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Eat Breathe Thrive: Positive Body Image & Overcoming Eating Disorders

Eat Breathe Thrive fosters positive body image and overcoming eating disorders, through yoga and community.

An estimated 24 million Americans suffer from bulimia, binge eating or anorexia — a disorder which has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. With the average cost of treatment adding up to $1,250 per day, only one in 10 individuals will receive treatment and 50% will relapse after discharge. Eat Breathe Thrive offers a complementary therapy that can facilitate long-term healing.

Eat Breathe Thrive was created by Chelsea Roff, a nationally-recognized author, speaker and survivor of anorexia who found healing from her own eating disorder through yoga and community support. Through skills like tracking hunger and fullness signals, coping with difficult emotions and cultivating a positive body image, Eat Breathe Thrive supports long-term recovery from disordered eating. Eat Breathe Thrive includes two components: a clinical program and a community-based program that offers transitional support through local “Thrive Tribes.”

The Clinical Program

An evidence-based system of healing and support for disordered eating.

The program’s clinical component, Yoga for Eating Disorders, is a 3-day to 6-week series offered as a complementary therapy at treatment centers around the country, with the goal of reducing relapse and giving clients skills for full recovery. Researchers at UC San Diego are currently partnering with Eat Breathe Thrive on an evidence-based study to evaluate treatment outcomes. Yoga for Eating Disorders is being offered in three American treatment centers.

Community Based Programs

Thrive Tribes and trainings provide an intimate support network for ongoing growth.

With 15 active Thrive Tribes around the country, the program’s community-based component offers transitional support for individuals coming out of treatment, as well as anyone who struggles with negative body image or disordered eating at a non-clinical level. By coming together in small groups led by certified facilitators, these  “Thrive Tribes” provide an intimate support network that is especially needed in areas where eating disorder treatment is hard to come by.

Intensives & Trainings

Connect with yourself through a Yoga, Food & Body Image Intensive or Facilitator Training.

Whether you’re a teacher who wants to learn to teach students with eating disorders, a therapist looking to integrate yoga into treatment, or you struggle with food and body image issues personally, Eat Breathe Thrive offers the Yoga, Food & Body Image Intensive – a 15-hour program that will teach you practical tools for using yoga to overcome food and body image issues on all ends of the spectrum. Graduates of the intensive are eligible to apply for the Eat Breathe Thrive facilitator training.

Donate to Eat Breathe Thrive

Our Goals: Our aim is to raise funds to bring programs to 100 treatment centers; establish 50 new Thrive Tribes; and train 100 teachers and facilitators. For every $5,000 we raise, we can bring our program to a new treatment clinic – and for just $10, you can provide a client at a treatment center with materials to put them on the road from surviving to thriving.

Your donation counts

$10: one packet of materials for a client at a treatment center.
: one block or strap for a client.
$100: yoga mats for 3 clients.
: one month of research consulting.
$3,000: one facilitator training.
: one six-week program at a treatment center

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