Praise For VetsYoga on

Here’s what blogger Chris Toriello had to say about the VetsYoga DVD for The Daily PT,’s fitness blog:

I met Jodi Delaney of VetsYoga a few weeks ago and have been really excited to share her information with you.  She has a brand new video out specifically tailored to our military veterans and personnel.  I’ve always enjoyed yoga so I was excited to give this program a go.  Yoga is a great exercise for reducing stress and improving flexibility, balance and strength.  VetsYoga has taken the health benefits of yoga a step further as a complement to those suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).   If you’re a little freaked out by the thought of doing yoga, don’t worry, this practice isn’t about religion or chanting. It’s about breathing, balance, strength and relaxation.

I jumped right into the 45 minute workout and found the instruction to be simple and easy to follow.  The moves are very basic which is perfect for beginners and those already familiar with yoga.  The pace was excellent — neither rushed nor too slow.  Other programs I’ve done focus on intensity and speed and I don’t think that’s the intent of a well-rounded yoga practice especially for this application.  It begins with a warmup then goes into power moves with awesomely named positions like Warrior, Cobra, and Mountain.  From there you move to balance and stretching moves.  Even though the final relaxation segment was only about 5 minutes long it was so relaxing I felt like I had just slept for 8 hours!  Afterwards I watched the introduction (which I recommend you do first) which contained compelling testimonies from Gulf War and Iraq War veterans featured in the video.  I did the 30 minute relaxation section before bed as a wind-down from a long day. All in all, the program is exceptionally simple and effective.

I highly recommend it for everyone.  As always, be sure to talk with your health care professional before starting a new fitness program and mind the cautions at the beginning of the video for anyone with knee or joint issues.  VetsYoga is an encouraging, easy to follow program — you will get a great workout for body, mind and spirit from the comfort of your home.  Veterans & ADMP also receive a 50% discount with coupon code THANKYOU.