Philipa von Kerckerinck: Yoga as a Tool for Development

Through the integration of her interests, Philipa von Kerckerinck founded Roots Tribe Yoga, a non-profit organization that brings yoga to children and young adults within Sub Saharan Africa. In the latest interview for our yoga service series on The Huffington Post, Executive Director Rob Schware talks with Philipa about her work with this organization and the power of yoga as a tool for international development…as well as individual development.

“People often define yoga as asanas or physical exercise, but there are many forms of yoga that can be practiced both on and off the mat. My definitions have changed in that I no longer see them as separate notions: the work is my yoga, the yoga is my work, and all of it is done in service to others, including myself, and, ideally, everyone I come into contact with.” – Philipa von Kerckerinck, founder of Roots Tribe Yoga

To learn more about Philipa’s work with populations in Sub Saharan Africa and her thoughts on the future of yoga service, read her full interview on The Huffington Post Blog and watch her YouTube video below:


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