Natalie Cielle: Yoga Behind Bars

“A light in every cell.”

That’s the vision of Yoga Behind Bars, a non-profit devoted to bringing yoga to prisoners. In this interview for The Huffington Post Blog, Yoga Behind Bars Executive Director Natalie Cielle tells Rob Schware what motivates her work, and how yoga has the potential to change the world:

“After my first class, it was my feeling of care for the students–people who are invisible to most of us–that kept me deeply committed to showing up every week. When we share powerful mind-body tools with prisoners, we free everyone from the cycle of crime. When we don’t, the cycle continues…if 10% of every dollar spent on yoga were shared with the members of our community who don’t have access to the practice, it would transform our world from the inside out, quickly.”

– Natalie Cielle, Executive Director of Yoga Behind Bars

Click here to read Natalie’s thoughts on why there’s a need for advocacy as well as yoga service, and what helps her to meet the challenge of bringing yoga into prisons.


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