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Yoga Readiness Initiative

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As part of your Yoga Readiness Kit, we are honored to offer the following digital resources – a gift extended in a spirit of thanks and gratitude for your commitment to service. We offer these ancient practices in a spirit of gratitude for your service, as tools to help you and your family members connect with strength, calm and inner peace when it’s time to be “at ease.”

Access Video Practices

Featuring military special ops members led by Liz Corwin, a 13-year military officer and former Navy F-18 pilot, this Warrior Yoga video series is designed to help military personnel build strength, flexibility, resilience and mindfulness into your daily life. 

An Hourlong Practice 
Yoga for Hip Flexibility
Yoga for Tight Hamstrings
Yoga for Back Strength & Health
Yoga for Shoulder Mobility
Enjoy a Free Year of Yoga

Ready to keep exploring this powerful practice? Each Yoga Readiness Kit includes a code for a free year of online yoga classes from YogaGlo. Look for the postcard in your kit, and set up your account today. You’ll be ready to practice any time, any place.

Access Audio Resources

These free or low-cost digital resources offer a guided exploration of the benefits of meditation and breath work (pranayama) to balance the nervous system and turn off the fight or flight response when it’s time to relax.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Discover a collection deeply calming breathwork practices developed through the Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans program. Available as a free download.

Meditations For Veterans

Experience guided meditations to relax, energize and develop mindfulness – starting with audio developed specifically for veterans and service members. Available for live streaming through SoundCloud.

Developed for veterans and service members

These guided meditations and breath practices led by Mindful Yoga Therapy founder Suzanne Manafort were developed specifically to support veterans and service members dealing with stress or trauma. Originally recorded as part of the Meditation Studio app, this audio can also be live streamed here.

Developed for Military Families

These guided meditations led by Mindful Yoga Therapy ambassador Pamela Stokes Eggleston were designed for military spouses, military and veteran caregivers, and military children. Originally recorded as part of the Meditation Studio app, this audio can also be live streamed here.

Give Back Yoga Partner: Meditation Studio

Try this 5-star app named by Apple as one of the 10 Best Apps of the Year. It has over 200 meditations, 3 courses and 30 teachers; with meditations focused on stress, anxiety, pain, trauma and more. There are two very special collections of meditations designed specifically for Veterans and First Responders. All this is available for under $4 in the App Store and on Google Play.

Join a Peer-to-Peer Community

What is your yoga readiness story? This closed Facebook group provides a safe, private place to talk peer-to-peer with other active duty service members about your experiences.

Yoga Readiness Community

Join other active duty service members in this closed Facebook group to share feedback, ask questions and hear from others who are discovering yoga as a way to support health, well-being and a commitment to service.

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The Yoga Readiness Initiative brings together a community of volunteers, yoga teachers, nonprofit organizations and other sponsors who are dedicated to bringing a personal yoga practice to members of the military, and their families. This collaboration is made possible by the generosity of Gaiam, Inc. and the loving work of the Give Back Yoga Foundation, Connected Warriors, Mindful Yoga Therapy and Sounds True.

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