Mark Stefanowski of Outlaw Yoga: Hear The Rumble Coming

Executive Director Rob Schware talks with Give Back Yoga supporter and Outlaw Yoga co-founder Mark Stefanowki for The Huffington Post Blog about his goal of bringing yoga to all people, “hardcore bikers and hard charging cyclists, gals and dudes, fighters and lovers, soldiers and tree huggers…everyone.”

“I was that guy who thought yoga was some kind of ‘hippy-dippy’ bullshit – that it was for bendy, thin, vegan women who wanted to chant and ‘Om’ all day long. I’m so grateful I found out that was wrong. As soon as I began the practice, I was hit by the power that lies in it. Yoga has an ability to change your entire life if you just open up to it….my mission became to share what I learned with people who had no idea what yoga can do.”

– Mark Stefanowski, co-founder of Outlaw Yoga, a Community Initiative partner with Give Back Yoga

Click here to read more of Mark’s thoughts on why it’s critical to be who you really are when teaching students, and why a seva commitment should be an integral part of the core business model for yoga professionals.

Outlaw Yoga donates a portion of the proceeds from any gear they sell or events they host to Give Back Yoga, in support of Yoga For Veterans and Prison Yoga programs. To support Outlaw Yoga, visit their website at