Mark-Francis Mullen on Serving Homeless Veterans

Executive Director Rob Schware talks with instructor Mark-Francis Mullen for The Huffington Post Blog on how yoga helped him to survive pain and tragedy – and how he’s sharing the practice with fellow veterans who are also struggling with post-traumatic stress and homelessness.

“One Vietnam War veteran in my inpatient PTSD ward class was on oxygen. At the end of class, he told me that he had run out of oxygen halfway through the class. When he saw my eyes widen in concern, he laughed and said when it happened he just breathed like I told him and everything was all right…another guy told me he was about to “pull the plug and end the misery,” when he recalled a yoga class we’d had the week before on being in the moment and riding out particular thoughts.”

– Veteran Mark Francis-Mullen, who taught yoga at the Denver Veterans Administration Regional Medical Center while homeless

Read Mark’s full interview here.