The Kitchen Next Door

Locally Grown Community Supports Give Back Yoga Foundation

Join Give Back Yoga Foundation for a locally grown community fundraising event in our hometown of Boulder, CO on Monday June 22, 2015 5pm-9pm at The Kitchen Next Door.  Denver friends, you can also support Give Back Yoga at the Kitchen Next Door Union Station — same date and times!

The Kitchen Next Door is generously donating 50% of each meal purchased during these hours to Give Back Yoga. Patrons simply let their server know they are there to support Give Back Yoga, and 50% of their bill will be donated to the programs of Give Back Yoga. Our goal is to raise $2,000 for our programs. If you are in the Boulder area, please join us in for an evening of delicious food and inspiring community!

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Boulder-based Give Back Yoga corporate partners Ramblin Jackson and Outlaw Yoga are joining forces with Give Back Yoga to make this community gathering a success. Through local partnerships such as these, Give Back Yoga has been able to grow by leaps and bounds over the past several years. Together, we can leverage resources and creating community collaborations. It takes a village to mobilize a yoga service movement…and we hope you’ll join our tribe! 

Ramblin Jackson is a web marketing + video production company based in Boulder, CO. They love helping small businesses get found online through SEO, Website Design, Video Production, and more. Not only did they donate the production of our promotional video, but also provided SEO support in the creation of an updated website, launching soon. View the video Ramblin Jackson created for Give Back Yoga.

Outlaw Yoga believes in making yoga available to all, and accessible for all. To hear more about Outlaw Yoga’s vision of yoga service, stop by our YouTube channel to watch a video interview with Outlaw co-founder Justin Kaliszewski and GBYF Executive Director Rob Schware.