Letter from a Reader: Gratitude For “Daring To Care”

Here at Give Back Yoga Foundation, every note of encouragement or thanks that lands in our inbox gives us more inspiration to carry on with our work…like this wonderful letter we received last month from supporter Margaret Westley.

Margaret, thank YOU for sharing your story and words of encouragement. It means the world to us!


Dear Give Back Yoga team!

My name is Margaret. I am a writer and a fundraiser for various causes and non profit organizations based in Wash. DC, but I work lots of other places.

I was reading this month’s Origin Magazine and was once again SO inspired and SO moved by all of the amazing work people are doing and have been doing for some time. I have heard of the Give Back Yoga Foundation before and have always been really touched by the work you all are doing.

I wanted to take the time to send this e-mail to you because I feel it’s really important to me to acknowledge other people–to actually take the time and say thank you because tomorrow is not guaranteed. When a person is acknowledged, they have a sense of personal value and when people feel valued they go out into the world with purpose.

I truly believe purpose is what we need–we all need to find a purpose in our lives whether that means we work in a bar, at a coffee shop or as a lawyer. No matter who or what we do–we all can make a difference and be the difference in our own ways.

Expressing gratitude is very important to me–I learned this during a hospitalization following a near death accident I had when I was 18 years old–after being run over by a bus–I broke my right ankle and badly damaged my left leg which eventually had to be amputated six inches below the knee.

Though the accident was painful and the recovery was tough–I would not change a single thing. I am so grateful to be alive, considering I almost did not make it. One step saved my life.

Just now I was writing something about the disease of disconnect—of how cell phone and other technology things are (in some ways) appropriate, but for the most part–I feel they are disconnecting us even more.

Yes, there can be a balance, however if that balance is not already tapped into—there will never be a sense of balance—and this is where yoga and other healing modalities come in—they bring a sense of balance to a person’s life so they are better able to handle certain situations.

So, thank you! Thank you for all of the work everyone involved in this collective is doing to help people feel important, to heal, and to go out into the world with that sense of empowerment. I know this works because yoga and other healing modalities have been so key to my personal healing from severe symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder–and I am so grateful to all of you for daring to care–for going into the world and spreading these teachings.

I truly believe this is what will pave way to the possibility of a future–it will be hard at time and it may not always be bright–but there is a possibility–and that’s huge.

Please put me on a mailing list if there is one–I’d love to stay updated on the progress you make.

Also, I noted your main offices are in Colorado and I am hoping that everyone is safe from the floods that were happening there–and if people were affected I hope they have the support they need— I will keep everyone in my thoughts!

Thanks for all you are and do!

I am beyond grateful,



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