Laura Cobb: Integrating Yoga Into Personal Recovery & 12-Step Work

Executive Director Rob Schware talks with yoga instructor and recovering alcoholic Laura Cobb for The Huffington Post Blog about how a personal yoga practice and teaching yoga to other students in 12-step programs can support the journey of recovery.

“Being of service is not about me. It helps in my sobriety, but often gets me out of myself. The joy of the process of recovery is in the journey, and not the destination. Likewise, with yoga, the joy is in the process of seeing what comes up on the mat and seeing where it takes me, rather than “getting” a certain pose. Nowadays, I’m simply motivated to see how my own yoga practice and that of my students allows us to respond to daily life by breathing and staying present through the physical sensations that come up.”

– Certified yoga instructor and recovering alcoholic Laura Cobb, on her work at “sober-fest” events and retreats

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