Katy Jones: Healing the Disenfranchised Through Yoga

Executive Director Rob Schware talks with Root to Rise founder Katy Jones for The Huffington Post Blog to discover why this Oklahoma City attorney is so passionate about sharing yoga and mindfulness with prisoners and veterans.

“Actually seeing the obvious physical and emotional differences in the students proves that this works. When you see a person who used to enter a room slouched and looking at the floor now walk in with a proud chest and a smile, and they tell you how they can sleep easier and are more comfortable talking to their kids and family, it inspires you to take this practice as far as it can go for as many people as it can serve.”

– Katy Jones, founder of Root to Rise Inc., a non-profit that improves the lives of trauma survivors through yoga and mindfulness

Click here to read Katy’s inspiring stories of working with homeless veterans, and her tips for teachers who are interested in sharing yoga with underserved populations.


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