Karina Mirsky on Serving Disabled Populations

Executive Director Rob Schware talks with yoga instructor Karina Mirsky for The Huffington Post Blog on her work with disabled students, and how a yoga practice shows that the limits of the body are not the limits of a human being.

“The yoga tradition is rich with ways to alleviate suffering. The philosophy, contemplative practices, breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques can be accessible even to those who cannot perform the physical exercises…we may not all be able to do a downward facing dog, but we all deserve the peace of mind that comes from resting awareness in the True Self, which is the ultimate promise of yoga practice.”

–       Sangha Yoga director Karina Mirsky  

Pictured: Karina works with Ryan, a student with cerebral palsy, during a yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

Read Karina’s full interview here.