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Stories of Impact

How Yoga Can Change A Life

Over the past twelve years, we have helped thousands of people access the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

Many of our beneficiaries came to yoga to cope with unthinkable challenges — a cancer diagnosis, a lifetime of incarceration, systemic bias and oppression. We believe every one of these individuals has an important story to tell — about their lives, the adversity they’ve faced, and the unique role yoga played in their growth and healing.

Yoga and Recovery

How Yoga Transforms Lives, Interviews, Yoga of 12-Step Recovery|

Dr. Nzinga Harrison on healing addiction through mind, body and spirit.

Yoga for Veterans: Why One Combat Veteran Gives Back


This is an interview with John Gillard, who explored yoga for several years while he was active duty military. “There is no separation between yoga and service for me,” says John. “I receive so much from my practice; it is only sensible to give back, at least a fraction.”

An Interview with Dr. Nicole Schnackenberg


In this heartfelt interview, Nicole reflects on her yoga journey: what stimulated (and sustains) her appetite for yoga, and how her personal therapeutic work informs and supports her ability to offer a therapeutic space to others.

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