How to Prevent and Reduce Burnout Among Healthcare Professionals: Insights from Neuroscience

with David Peters MB ChB DRCOG DMSMed FLCOM

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About this talk

Doctoring is inherently stressful. And evolutionary biology means that stress interferes with medical professionals’ key faculties: decision-making, empathy, and communication. In the early stages of burnout, performance and satisfaction decline; but as time wears on it becomes harder to recover mentally and physically. Eventually, unless the cycle is halted, cynicism and dissociation set in and an already difficult job begins to feel increasingly meaningless.

Neuroscience sheds some light on ways to reduce burnout risk, stay sharp under pressure, and build the resilience medical professionals need for a long professional life. In this presentation, Professor David Peters will discuss insights from neuroscience that can help us transform dysfunctional workplaces and create the environment needed to sustain a high standard of clinical care in a time of austerity and unrelenting work-pressures.

About David Peters MB ChB DRCOG DMSMed FLCOM

Professor David Peters is an Emeritus Professor in the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Westminster. The Centre for Resilience researches ways of measuring resilience, and improving it through lifestyle change, biofeedback, mindfulness, positive emotion, and self-care. The centre’s seminars and retreats (in collaboration with Guys and St Thomas) focus on doctors’ wellbeing and the impact of ‘nature connectedness.’ Since the early 1990s, David Peters has led a series of projects bringing non-drug treatments (including osteopathy and acupuncture) into the NHS. He is also the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Holistic Healthcare.

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