How Ayurveda Can Support Those with Long Covid

with Jayagopal Parla, MD(Ayu)

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About this talk

More than 150 million people around the world have been infected with COVID-19, and for many people symptoms can linger for months after the initial infection. The condition commonly known as ‘Long Covid’ is a rapidly evolving situation, manifesting as fatigue, brain fog, and in certain cases psychiatric conditions such as severe anxiety and depression. With so much unknown and few guidelines to manage this array of symptoms, people are looking outside traditional medical approaches for relief. In this presentation, Jayagopal Parla — Professor of Ayurvedic Medicine at Bangalore University — will explore how Ayurveda can support those with lingering symptoms after COVID-19 infection. Learn about specific herbs, nutritional spices, dietary protocols, and detoxification procedures that may support the reduction of common symptoms associated with Long Covid and lead to increased quality of life. Professor Parla will also share insights from recent case studies of patients with Long-COVID who have used Ayurveda in their recovery.

About Jayagopal Parla, MD(Ayu)

Professor Jayagopal Parla is an internationally known speaker, educator, and practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine and yoga with extensive clinical, and teaching experience. Professor Parla holds a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from Bangalore University, India, and a master’s degree in Ayurvedic medicine from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India. He is a certified yoga therapist and Founder and Director of Athreya Ayurvedic Integrative Health Center, in Long Beach, California. He also teaches at Southern California University of Health Sciences, Mount Madonna College of Ayurveda, and serves as a visiting faculty member at the Japan School of Ayurvedic Medicine.

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