Discover a virtual campus led by expert faculty from a wide array of yoga traditions and academic disciplines.

Build your knowledge and recharge yourself through informative lectures, continuing education courses, and experiential classes.

Inspiring Interviews

Tune into inspiring conversations with leaders from the yoga and nonprofit space, designed to awaken new ideas and inform your work.

Engaging Lectures

Build your knowledge base and learn directly from innovators from the fields of yoga & mindfulness, science, psychology, and philosophy.

Experiential Classes

Deepen your personal practice and enhance your teaching toolkit through yoga and mindfulness classes that showcase evidence-informed methodologies.

Interactive Workshops

Expand your knowledge and hone your skills through specialized workshops designed to support those offering yoga to populations facing illness and hardship.

Yoga for COVID-19

Discover how yoga can help people recovering from COVID-19 to ease anxiety, reduce discomfort, and restore physical strength and mobility.

Our joint initiative with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Well-Being After COVID, brings together a seasoned faculty of doctors, researchers, and yoga therapists to address the emerging public health issue of COVID Long-Hauler Syndrome, also known as Long COVID.

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Interviews with Yoga Nonprofit Leaders

Tune into inspiring conversations with thought-leaders and pioneers from the yoga and nonprofit space.

Our monthly interview series invites leaders from the yoga nonprofit sector to share insights and experiences from their work on the ground. Every story is inspiring, unique, and is designed to awaken new passion and ideas for you.

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Our Faculty

Learn from a diverse faculty of teachers and leaders working at the intersection of yoga, mindfulness, science, and nonprofit work.

Give Back Yoga University is your opportunity to connect directly with yoga nonprofits, researchers, and world-renowned teachers on the greatest questions facing our world today. The faculty include leaders from nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and diverse spiritual traditions.

Sat Bir Khalsa
Seane Corn
Dana Smith
Elena Brower
Rod Stryker
Nikki Myers