Geoff O’Meara on Serving in Correctional Facilities

Executive Director Rob Schware talks with instructor Geoff O’Meara for The Huffington Post Blog on what inspired Geoff’s work with prison inmates, and how service is an integral part of a yoga practice.

“One of my students had been moved to a different correctional facility to complete his sentence. He sent me a beautiful letter expressing gratitude for his yoga experience at the TCCC. Here is what he wrote: ‘Thank you for helping me get to know who I am inside … and for how much you have changed my direction and thought on life. Indebted to you forever — Yogi Robbie.’

This joy is his gift to me, and it has been a great source of shraddha — conviction, and virya — joyful effort — in my own practice. For this sustenance and advancement on my own path, I am forever indebted to Yogi Robbie, as well as to all of my students. Clearly they are my teachers.”

–       Geoff O’Meara, Prison Program Director for Community Yoga Austin

Read Geoff’s full interview here.