Frequently Asked Questions

What is a grant?

A grant is an award of financial support. It can be provided for a specific project or program (such as yoga for veterans). It can be awarded to an individual or to an organization. Grants must serve charitable purposes.

When are grants reviewed?

Applications for grants are reviewed the end of every quarter.

Can teacher salaries be included in the grant application?

We fund established, successful programs that, in some cases, pay individuals. Yoga teachers are encouraged to get the training required to become a part of these specialized programs that train yoga teachers how to effectively, safely, and appropriately handle the challenges of a variety of special populations – such as those with PTSD, or in prison, or struggling with addiction, etc. Give Back Yoga Foundation and the programs we support do offer scholarships (based on financial need) to yoga teachers who wish to apply for this type of training. Our belief is that if you have a strong desire to serve and work with special populations, then we want help you reach your goal.

Where can I find examples of past grant awards?

Please visit our Grant Recipients page.

Are grants offered to attend yoga teacher trainings, workshops, or graduate school?

Our mission is to support certified yoga teachers who want to bring the gift of yoga to unserved and underserved populations. We do not support applications for training programs.

Does Give Back Yoga fund international projects and programs?

Give Back Yoga does not typically fund international projects and programs.

How does the Give Back Yoga Foundation decide which grants to award?

Give Back Yoga’s grant-making aims to address complex societal challenges in a strategic way. Drawing on the expertise of our Board and experts in the field, GBYF formulates specific strategies that guide decisions about how and where our funding can have significant impact. These strategies are reviewed and adjusted over time. We also strive to support individual projects of yoga teachers around the world. Due to the number of applications received, we are unable to respond to phone inquiries regarding the status of your application.

How much money do you award in grants?

In 2012-2013, GBYF paid out $ 361, 074 in grants and program-related investments to organizations and individuals in the United States and around the world. Actual cash paid out varies from year to year depending on payment schedules of larger grants.

What volunteer opportunities are associated with Give Back Yoga?

Many interested volunteers contact us with offers to donate their time, talent or treasure. Whether retired for in school, we have a place for you to give back.  To learn more on how you can support our work, please visit our Volunteer Page.

With all different types of philanthropic passions to support, why donate to GBYF?

We’re a good yoga investment. In 2012-2013 our administration and fundraising costs were only 6.5% of the total budget.

Where is the Give Back Yoga Foundation located?

Boulder is Give Back Yoga’s headquarters and our home. Our offices are in the historic Chautauqua Park.

How can I get a job at Give Back Yoga?

We post our open positions online. We encourage applicants to apply for positions linked to specific job openings listed on our website, but will also accept unsolicited applications by mail for possible future openings.

What is Give Back Yoga doing about climate change?

We believe that climate change is a major issue facing all of us, and we applaud the work that others are doing to help find solutions in this area. While we do not fund efforts specifically aimed at reducing carbon emissions, we have a White Paper on “Yoga, Personal Transformation, and Global Sustainability” for yoga teachers and studios on what yoga has to do with global sustainability.