Family Yoga to Destress

with Julie Gayer Kris

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About this presentation

The COVID-19 pandemic has made this year uniquely challenging for families with school-aged children. Lock-down and social isolation is hard on adults, but even harder on children who are wired for physical, interactive play. Anxiety and depression rates among young children and teens has significantly risen this year, layering additional stress on parents already juggling work upheavals, financial strains, and zoom-schooling. Parents and kids need a way to remember how to play, how to reset their nervous systems and shake-free of all that accrued tension. In this workshop, Julie will draw from her decades of study in movement therapy for children and families. She’ll integrate yoga, breathing and meditation, QiGong, and Brain Dance to create a family experience of shared joy, interlaced with coping strategies appropriate for children and grown-ups of all ages!

About Julie Gayer Kris

Julie Gayer Kris is certified yoga instructor and trained yoga therapist through the American Viniyoga Institute. She has an extensive background in modern dance and community based and healing dance practices for all ages. She is certified in Anna Halprin’s Planetary Dance, trained in Anne Green Gilbert’s Brain Dance, and has also studied with Liz Lerman’s Dance Exchange. Julie has taught mindfulness and movement with children (from infants, toddlers and preschool ages) and families for many years incorporating yoga, dance, mindfulness and joyful play. She is currently finishing up her Master of Social Work at New York University.

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