Emerging Research on the Viability of Mind-Body Interventions for COVID-19

with Ryan Castle

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About this talk

Research into the efficacy of integrative interventions to treat systemic inflammation could have major implications for the acute and long-term effects of COVID-19. Reviews and analyses suggest mind-body practices and supplements may have effect sizes similar or superior to leading COVID-19 medications on the inflammatory markers most affected by the disease. Ryan Castle — Director of the Chopra Research Library — will discuss the ramifications of this evidence and how it could influence global strategies to curtail the current and lasting impact of the pandemic, including the expected long-term spike in chronic inflammatory diseases.

About Ryan Castle

Ryan Castle is Director of the Chopra Research Library which he co-founded with Deepak Chopra, MD. The library is an integrative sciences archive and data analysis resource operating under the Whole Health Institute. Ryan manages research projects and analyzes information to improve public health via integrative medicine. He has published interdisciplinary research in consciousness theory, meditation’s medical efficacy, and the bio-behavioral effects of chronic inflammation. Ryan has presented at Harvard, Berkeley, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Kingdom of Bhutan, Foundations of Mind, Sages, and Scientists, Parliament of World Religions, as well as many conferences.

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