Eileen Lorraine: Serving Sin City’s Homeless Youth Through Yoga

Executive Director Rob Schware talks with Eileen Lorraine for The Huffington Post Blog to learn what the face of homelessness really looks like, and how she is sharing yoga with young adults at the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center in Las Vegas.

“It’s really just hanging out with them and then saying, “Oh, by the way, we’re going to do this thing called yoga and you know what? This meditation and breathing thing I’m going to show you, it actually helps us when we’re feeling angry or frustrated…when we feel like that, instead of reacting and hitting that person, or turning to alcohol, drugs, or sex, maybe we can just pause a moment, and maybe we can take long, slow breaths, and think about what can we do to feel better in this situation that won’t have bad consequences for us later.”

– yoga teacher Eileen Lorraine, on her work with homeless youth in Las Vegas

Click here to read how Eileen got started in yoga outreach, and her tips for teachers who are interested in working with at-risk teens.

Photo courtesy of Angelina Galindo Photography.


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