MYT for Post Traumatic Stress

Download Our New White Paper: Mindful Yoga Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress

MYT for Post Traumatic Stress

Post-Traumatic Stress: How Can We Respond?

Give Back Yoga is honored to introduce a new white paper illustrating how our Mindful Yoga Therapy program works as a comprehensive system to help participants navigate life with strength and resilience after trauma occurs.

The Mindful Yoga Therapy program is clinically tested. It evolved through working with veterans with post-traumatic stress in residential treatment programs and in outpatient programs over seven years. But the protocol is not just for veterans. The teachings and tools can help people living with or managing eating disorders, stress and anxiety disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, and domestic violence.​

Solutions proving to be successful

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Download “Mindful Yoga Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress”

The new white paper, Mindful Yoga Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress, offers an introduction to this program as an effective solution for those dealing with symptoms of trauma. Featured content includes:

A brief review of Post Traumatic Stress symptoms and stats.

The challenge of treating a disorder that is both physical and emotional.

An overview of Mindful Yoga Therapy’s history.

Three guiding principles of the program: Support, Safety and Mindfulness.

Expanding cost-effective programming to populations that can benefit from Mindful Yoga Therapy.

We offer this white paper as a tool to help teachers, clinicians and supporters raise awareness of this program as a complementary alternative therapy to help those who are recovering from trauma. For more information, please contact

Download the white paper: Mindful Yoga Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress.


Even the best yoga teachers need to acquire specific skills and considerations to work in trauma recovery programs. Our goal is to help create the most qualified, supportive teachers possible to work with victims of trauma. Visit our Trainings page to explore trainings for teachers, and to experience Mindful Yoga Therapy practices in the new Yoga for Stress online course..