Debby Kaminsky: Empowering First Responders and Children Through Yoga

In his latest interview for The Huffington Post Blog, Executive Director Rob Schware talks with Newark Yoga Movement founder Debby Kaminsky to learn how yoga outreach is benefitting New Jersey’s largest fire department.

“The fire department is the most polite group of public safety figures I’ve ever met; still the mindset of many firefighters is “why change?” and introducing yoga wasn’t 100% embraced. After one session, though, most were converted. In an informal survey this September, 84% said they enjoyed yoga and 74% felt the fire department would benefit from a continued program. A standout moment for me, I think, is watching the Fire Director practice yoga with his recruits, and then lead yoga in front of 750 people at Global Mala NJ 2013.”

– Debby Kaminsky, founder of Newark Yoga Movement, a non-profit that’s shared yoga with over 14,000 students and the Newark Fire Department

Learn how Debby tailors her teaching style to children and first responders, and her vision for the future of yoga service in America, by reading her full interview.


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