COVID’s Impact on Population Health: The Importance of Mind-Body Practices

with Amit Bhargava, MD

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About this talk

In this presentation, Dr. Amit Bhargava, of the College of Medicine, will explore the efficacy of yoga and other mind-body practices in supporting individuals with Long Covid. Drawing on his years of experience as a physician and leader in the U.K.’s National Healthcare Service, he will share his insights and observations on how the pandemic has affected population health and how Long Covid in particular has disrupted the physical, emotional, and economic well-being of so many individuals across the globe. Learn how yoga and mindfulness can support those with Long Covid and why Dr. Bhargava believes that these practices can play a critical role in addressing the needs of those with lingering symptoms related to COVID-19.

About Amit Bhargava, MD

Dr Amit Bhargava is a GP Senior Partner at Southgate Medical Group in Crawley and Member of the Council of College of Medicine. He has had many clinical leadership roles since 1999, which include positions at national, regional, and local levels. His purpose has been to transform individual and community health and wellness through the development of health policies, championing salutogenesis, and supporting self-care. Amit passionately creates partnerships that will improve health and social capital, as well as increase resilience of individuals within vulnerable and dispossessed communities. He feels strongly that the solutions for sustainable health-care systems lies in integrated community based delivery with strong supported primary care. He actively works towards creating self-healing communities where individuals have a strong voice and input in their health and wellness.

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