COVID-19 and CO2 Levels: How Breathing Practices Can Help

with Patrick McKeown, MA

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About this talk

Results from a recent study conducted at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York on patients with Long-COVID found that <em>all</em> had low levels of CO2. After doing specific breathwork exercises, the patients’ symptoms began to abate. Join Patrick McKeown, Clinical Director of Buteyko Clinic International, for an in-depth exploration of these findings and a practical demonstration of breathing exercises that may be beneficial for those with Long-COVID. Discover how breathing practices can help to help normalize carbon dioxide levels and stimulate the vagus nerve, dilate airways, improve blood circulation and oxygen delivery.

About Patrick McKeown, MA

Patrick McKeown is founder and Clinical Director of Buteyko Clinic International and author of The Oxygen Advantage. He is a world renowned authority on the breath, offering training courses across the globe. Over the past two decades, he has worked with thousands of clients, including elite military special forces (SWAT), Olympic coaches, and athletes. Patrick’s research appears in international medical journals and he has published over seven books specifically on the breath. The Breathing Cure (2021), his latest, features functional breathing exercises for women’s health, sleep, anxiety, Long COVID, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, and exercise.

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