April Fools Viral Video Launches Major Fundraising for Eat Breathe Thrive

Chelsea Roff’s dream of running her non-profit program Eat Breathe Thrive™ on a full-time basis may just be coming true, thanks to Break.com’s viral video, “The Best Shift Ever.”

Released on April Fool’s Day, the Prank it Forward video features Chelsea being surprised at her daytime waitressing job by diners who showered her with unexpected gifts, from a free vacation to a professional referral for Eat Breathe Thrive™. To date, the video has received nearly 7 million hits on YouTube and 18 million views internationally.

The media frenzy surrounding the video inspired more than 300 articles online, including features by CNN, E! News, People Magazine and USA Today. Appearances on The Today Show and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams also piqued interest beyond the feel-good video, translating into an outpouring of support for Eat Breathe Thrive.

Since the video went live, Eat Breathe Thrive has received over $2,000 in donations routed through The Give Back Yoga Foundation, Eat Breathe Thrive™’s parent organization. Donation classes and tee-shirt sales through the “Don’t Just Survive…THRIVE” Booster campaign are also raising funds for the organization, which aims to bring a clinical program to a new treatment center for every $5,000 raised. And the Eat Breathe Thrive™ team has received numerous offers from corporate sponsors, requests for speaking engagements, and requests for facilitator trainings that will help to launch the program internationally.

To book media appearances, speaking engagements or trainings, please contact Britt Melton at (419) 957-9695 or britt@eatbreathethrive.org.

Download the press release: April Fools Viral Video Launches Major Fundraising for Nonprofit


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