Anneke Sips: Bridging Yoga and Mental Health Care

Photo courtesy of: Delight Yoga Amsterdam

After finding her own practice, Anneke Sips, a yoga teacher and social psychiatric nurse (RN) from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, began to dream of bridging her two passions, yoga and psychiatry. In the latest interview for our yoga service series on The Huffington Post, Executive Director Rob Schware talks with Anneke about her work to make this dream come true, and her experiences with teaching yoga to special populations, specifically to those with chronic psychiatric illnesses.

“Everyone is different and yoga has so many great tools that can assist every person in any challenge or at any stage of life… I feel like unraveling my practice into the unknown, off the mat; it’s a place where stillness appears, and growth and transformation are possible.” – Anneke Sips, yoga teacher and social psychiatric nurse (RN)

To read more about Anneke’s work with special populations and her thoughts on the future of yoga service, read her full interview on The Huffington Post Blog.


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